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Letter to Yoga Journal


As a devoted yoga student and teacher for the past 16 years, I have alternately renewed and cancelled my subscription to Yogal Journal many times. While I find plenty of worthwhile articles, that inform and inspire me, I am soured by the amount of advertising on your pages. The ratio of content to advertisements is less than 1:1.

The ads are a distraction and an insult to my sensibilities. I am generally annoyed by most advertising, but I am particularly disgusted by it in your magazine. The constant barrage of companies promoting consumerism seems antithetical to the yogic path in every way. While I appreciate that the subjects of the ads you run are “health- or yoga-related,” the volume of the ads is overwhelming and the styles often offensive.

Some ads I find easier than others to ignore, but those that objectify women’s bodies and exploit their sexuality (in the effort to sell yoga gear,) are more difficult for me. There is a stark disconnect between your articles and the ads that surround them. An article about finding one’s center, connecting to deeper truths, or cultivating loving kindness might be juxtaposed to the Hemalayaa Bollywood Booty DVD. “Love your booty again! These unique dance workouts are designed to lift those buns and sashay away unwanted pounds.”

I understand the need for revenue, but if you are the presumed premier yoga publication of the US, dedicated to the path of enlightenment, I have to suggest that your ad standards compromise your integrity. I don’t think I am alone in saying that I would be happy to pay more out of my pocket for an ad-free, reader-supported Yoga Journal. As I feel about you now, however, I think I will let my subscription lapse again this year.

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